Jesus is not His God in the Flesh

It is sad to see that the son of Yahweh, the one anointed by Yahweh (Isaiah 61:1),  is exalted to the being of Yahweh who anointed him. This is done by trinitarians, believers in the oneness doctrine, as well as some others, such as Mormons (Latter-Day Saints). Such an exaltation actually destroys the basis of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus as revealed in the scriptures.

The scriptures no where refer to Jesus as his “God in the flesh.”  The God and Father of Jesus never became flesh. Jesus, being the Logos of his God, became flesh. As the Logos, Jesus was a mighty one with his God and Father (the only true God — John 17:3) before the world of mankind was made. (John 17:5) John never declared the Logos of the only true God to be the only true God whom the Logos was with. However, by applying the word THEOS to the Logos, John was declaring that the Logos “was” (past tense) mighty with his God before the beginning of the world of mankind. This is in keeping with the usage of forms of the Hebrew word “EL” when used of others than Yahweh or false gods. This can be seen by how the King James Version renders forms of EL in the following verses: Genesis 23:6 (mighty); Genesis 30:8 (mighty); Genesis 31:29 (power); Deuteronomy 28:32 (might); 1 Samuel 14:15 (great); Nehemiah 5:5 (power); Psalm 8:5 (angels); Psalm 36:6 (great); Psalm 82:1 (mighty); Proverbs 3:27 (power); Psalm 29:1 (mighty); Ezekiel 32:21 (strong); Jonah 3:3 (exceeding). Likewise, in John 1:1, the Logos of God was mighty before he became flesh. He had the glory and might of celestial body (substance) that he did not have while in the days of his flesh. — John 17:5; 1 Corinthians 15:40; Hebrews 5:7.


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